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The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is a community of builders, designers, suppliers and partners driving innovation in green building in the Pacific Northwest since 1993. Green building innovators are a virtual R&D department for better buildings, pushing the envelope with new designs, materials and technology that make it possible today to live and work in sustainable, high-performance buildings that actively improve the health of people and the planet.

Beyond our educational sessions, transformative events, and leadership in innovation, the Guild is now emerging as a leading voice for advocacy for policies and programs to make it easier to build green and dramatically reduce carbon emissions from our homes and buildings. In 2018, the Guild will begin a series of bold moves to expand our reach and impact in the region, and our members and community will be key to success.

Please join us as we scale up our capacity to transform the built environment for long term sustainability.

The Benefits of Membership

The Guild empowers the innovative work of our members to transform the built environment. Our Members benefit from free and discounted admission to education events; strategic alliances with industry partners to thrive through "coopetition"; Project Spotlights and Green Pages profiles on our website; and being part of a leading voice of advocacy for policies and programs to scale up high-performance deep green building.

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