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2018 Olympia Green Tour Sites

Madison Passive House

Artisans Group Madison Passive House

Madison Passive House is Artisans Group's most recent Passive House, and joins an established neighborhood in the heart of Olympia.




West Central Park Neighborhood Center

West Central Community Park - Sustainable - 2018 Green Tour - Olympia

The West Central Park Neighborhood Center is home to a community developed park, a Farmers' Market, café, and more.  With many aspects of sustainable land, community and business development to see, this Neighborhood Center truly is developed for the long-term health of our community.


Swantown Inn

Swantown Inn - 2018 South Sound Green Tour

The Swantown Inn Bed and Breakfast, is an 1887 Queen Anne/Eastlake Victorian Mansion listed on both the city and state historical registers.  Recently expanded and updated with energy efficiency and historical authenticity in mind, this wonderful neighborhood BnB, Spa and event space is a wonderful example of how we can work with our beautiful historical buildings to perform in a more sustainable way.

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