The Guild currently has three active Chapters in the Pacific Northwest, including:

Seattle Chapter

South Sound Chapter

Portland Metro Chapter

Chapters are the local voice of Guild, and Chapter leaders and members are the heart of Guild's grassroots efforts. 

Chapters hold regular meetings, educational events, workshops and site tours, often featuring speakers, hands-on instruction and information on a wide variety of green building topics.

Chapter meetings are typically informal, friendly and lively, and are an excellent place to network with others involved in green building, find professionals for your next project, and get up-to-date information on the latest sustainable building practices.

Members usually belong to the Chapter where they live, but are always welcome at any Chapter, and can choose to belong wherever they like.

If you believe there would be significant interest in forming a Chapter in your area, visit How To Form a Chapter for information on how to get started.

What happened to our other Chapters? Visit Inactive Chapters for more information.