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Presidents Message Part 3

Seeking Real Solutions, Part III:
Arriving at Better

I ended my last opinion piece saying I would describe another way of seeing the world, building on Annie Leonard's "Story of Solutions," which describes our current economy measured only by 'More' vs. a wholistic vision of a 'better' economy. 

The goal of the ‘Better’ game is quite different from the ‘More’ game.  While the end vision of the ‘More’ game is a Los Vegas style Shangri-La, the end vision of the ‘Better’ game is a world where all earths inhabitants and natural systems live in determined harmony.  ‘Better’ rejects organizing society around the well-worn pursuit of material gratification, greed, violence and social disfunction for one that actively pursues cooperation, compassion, thoughtfulness, love and environmental harmony.   Rather than immediate satisfaction from creating faceless "jobs," economic growth, and personal attainment at any price, 'Better' seeks to create meaningful, fulfilling livelihoods.  The Guild and our Members embody this approach in their businesses and daily lives.

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Swantown Inn

1431 11th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501
Tour on May 19

The Swantown Inn & Spa, an Olympia Bed and Breakfast, is an 1887 Victorian Mansion listed on both the city and state historical registers. To strengthen their business and keep the historic value of the property relevant today, owners Nathan and Casey Allan decided to add a new event space where the Inn can host weddings, meetings and other functions of 60 people or more.  

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West Central Park Project

Olympia Green Tour - West Central Park

166 Division St NW, Olympia, WA 98502
Open May 19 Only

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Low Impact Hub at West Central Park

166 Division St NW, Olympia, WA 98502
Open May 19

West Central Park, a model of low-impact development, will be the Hub for this year's tour.  Centrally located between several Olympia Tour sites, you can sign-in, pick up a Green Tour map and explore the possibilities of sustainable living and building on display at the Hub! 

Come see the SolaRover, learn about Tiny Home living from Design for People, figure out Green Choice lending from Olympia Federal Savings and much more!  Read more about the local businesses and orgs who will be on-hand below...

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Calliope Ecological Farmhouse

Calliope Ecological Farmhouse

1335 Overhulse Rd NW, Olympia, WA 98502
Open May 19 only

Joseph Becker and architectural designer Wolfgang Kahler of Ion EcoBuilding Alliance drew upon a combination of modern and ancestral building technologies to construct Calliope Farm’s new residential farmhouse, including a wall system that exceeds insulative standards while also managing moisture with an innovative vapor-permeable wall.  

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South Bay House

South Bay Home by Scott Homes

2309 36th Ave NE., Olympia, WA 98506
Open May 19 only

This 1512 SF rambler has typical 3 bedrooms/2 baths in the modern shed roof design. But inside it has the glamour and warmth of a very expensive house. The R-50 SIP roof panels give a high vaulted ceiling for the living space with transom windows allowing for extra natural light, making it very bright inside.

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Presidents Message Part 2

April 20, 2018

Seeking Real Solutions:  Part II

By President Wayne Apostolik


Taking up where I left off in my January opinion piece, in recognition of Earth Day this weekend, I want to continue a conversation seeking real solutions by asking questions and initiating a dialogue of possibilities.
In my considered opinion, I’ve concluded that in its totality, world history is nothing more than the culmination of arbitrary occurrences created by mostly ambitious men seeking power and wealth, dragging, often willingly, the rest of humanity along for multifarious reasons.  I have also gratefully noted periodic interruptions of social justice movements in this history.  But overall, we face an existential crisis which threatens the very fabric of Earth’s comfortable and predictable environment, changing in ways of which we have little comprehension, and even less control.
Yet this danger carries a unique opportunity in human history.

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Missing Missing Middle Hearing March 19 Olympia

As Olympia contemplates making “Missing Middle” history, NIMBY fear-mongering threatens city leadership

By Chris van Daalen, Guild Executive Director
Missing Middle Cottage Housing
Missing Middle Duplex
Missing Middle Tiny Homes
The City of Olympia has spent the past year developing a suite of code updates that would legalize and smooth the path for “Missing Middle” housing options such as accessory dwelling units, tiny homes on wheels, duplexes, courtyard apartments, cottage housing developments, congregate housing and more.  These housing types were all but extinguished as single-family zoning laws took hold in the 60s and 70s, making the traditional home or the large apartment complex the preferred housing types at the exclusion of everything else in the “middle” between.  But now the need for housing options are changing and the City is making a bold move to allow this diversity of housing to come back into our neighborhoods.

The code development process has been an open, inclusive and transparent process involving more than a dozen public meetings, hearings and more.  But a number of vocal individuals and neighborhood associations are crying foul a the last minute and trying to derail or delay the process.  The final Planning Commission public hearing is coming up next Monday March 19, 6:30 pm at Olympia City Hall.  The NIMBY nay-sayers (“not in my backyard!”) are organizing to turn out in large numbers, and we need EcoBuilders and affordable housing advocates to show up in equally large numbers to say we are ready for more housing options!!  

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION!  Please support the Missing Middle Housing proposals by writing to the Planning Commission and City Council in favor.  Submit your comments at <span%20style="font-size:%2014px;""> and attend the Planning Commission Public Hearing on March 19 to speak in favor.

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2018 Olympia Sites

Olympia Sites

President's Year End Message 2018

Wayne Apostolik, Guild President 2016-2018

President's Year-End Message

Seeking Real Solutions: Part I

by Wayne Apostolik

Dear Guild Members and Friends,

Seasons Greetings! I want to begin a lengthy year end message with a little story. Early March this year I attended  the annual conference of the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) in BostonThey’re an organization somewhere in their forties with a mission similar to ours. Walking the floor and attending seminars over 2 days, I met a lot of people who knew the Guild. I was astonished to discover the influence the Guild has had in New England over the past quarter century, all of it positive in many ways. What we do here influences others! The Guild rocks!

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