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In 2010 the City of Tacoma set a goal of 30% canopy cover by the year 2030.  In support of this goal, the Environmental Services Department is leading by example by planting trees in areas of need throughout Tacoma.  In 2013 the Open Space program joined the Environmental Services Department and brought with it many natural areas that are being actively restored.  All of these green infrastructure programs require significant amounts of plant materials to support them.


The City of Tacoma Landfill Plant Storage Area is a facility where plant materials can be:

  • purchased from growers and planted at the facility during the dormant season;
  • propagated from seeds, cuttings and other production methods;
  • maintained to encourage healthy growth, which will supply City projects with quality plant materials; and,
  • stored and grown until they are large and healthy enough to use on projects in support of Urban Forestry, Open Space and Capital Improvement programs.

These plant materials will primarily help to support City planting projects, including planting partnerships formed with the Pierce Conservation District, Tacoma Public Schools and Metro Parks Tacoma.


The City of Tacoma Plant Storage Area located at the Tacoma Landfill (3510 South Mullen) consists of:

  • approximately 2.6 acres of field growing space which can accommodate approximately 750 trees and thousands of shrubs;
  • three perimeter earthen berms planted with flowering perennial plants to improve essential habitat for beneficial pollinating insects.  These berms also screen the adjacent apartments from views of landfill operations;
  • 18 capillary beds (raised beds) filled with several thousand native plants.  These capillary beds are kept with variable amounts of water to accommodate specific plant needs;
  • gravel pad foundations to house infrastructure, including two 20’wide X 200’ long shade tents.
  • two ecology block material storage areas; 1 for wood chip mulch, and 1 for TAGRO topsoil/potting soil; and,
  • Five designated parking spaces within the gated facility

Location and Parking

The Nursery is located within the City of Tacoma Landfill site. See below for directions. A volunteer will be stationed at the gate to provide further directions and signs will be posted directing you along the road once you have entered the gate. (Please be advised that due to the presence of natural gas facilities, smoking is not prohibited once you have entered the landfill facility.)

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