South Sound Green Tour

Two Days in May

Celebrate the sustainability at work in our South Sound community. 

The 2018 South Sound Green Tour is a free-to-the-public chance to view and visit sustainable remodels, retrofits, new buildings, landscapes and community gathering places.  

See the possibilities that actually exist and are available for you.

May 19th, Olympia & May 20th, Tacoma

Sponsored, hosted and put on by our local community, the Green Tour helps us meet, mingle, and build a better and more sustainable now.       

Olympia Green Tour - Saturday, May 19 - 2018

Sustainability is hopping in the Washington State capital.  Talk with the people who design and build some of the most sustainable homes in the world (not hyperbole).  Experience the joy of sustainably designed gathering spaces.  Share stories with your community in the beautiful waterfront tri-city region of Olympia.  

How does sustainability work for you?  

Explore built spaces - ask questions - learn and celebrate with us as we get jiggy with all the progress we've made, and all the progress that's going on right now - right around Olympia.

Tacoma Green Tour - Sunday, May 20 - 2018

Tacoma is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington and has quietly built up a reputation as an innovative and active community.  With beautiful and walkable historic neighborhoods, ridiculous views, and a thriving cultural scene - it was only a matter of time.  

This growth has seen a boom in large renovations of historic sites, as well as an increased demand for more sustainable and healthy spaces and materials.  

Let's visit examples of sustainability all around Tacoma - it's time to get excited about the better building we’re doing today - for a healthy Tacoma tomorrow.

2018 South Sound Green Tour - A Sustainability Celebration

Join us at Site Hosts that feature different approaches to sustainability.  See how it can work for you.  

Help us celebrate the designers and builders, the mechanical and energy specialists, the heads-in-the-clouds and the hands-in-the-dirt, the people who keep insisting that we can do better, and then do it.  

Let’s share our community’s successes and learn more about building, remodeling and working toward a healthier and more sustainable future.  

The South Sound Green Home Tour will feature the best of South Puget Sound’s sustainable homes, multifamily, commercial, ADUs and community projects.  

We can build better - together.  


Sponsored by:   Olympia Federal Savings    Mighty Energy SolutionsThe Artisan's Group

2018 South Sound Green Tour Sites 

Are you a designer of buildings, remodels, retrofits, or landscapes?

Are you an architect of a more sustainable present and future?

We would like to talk with you about including your work on the 2018 South Sound Green Tour.  We would like to help you promote the sustainable work you're doing so that you can earn the work you want.   

Register for our 2018 South Sound Green Tour now!

Early Bird Rates (valid through March 16, 2018):
          -Single Family - $500/site
          -Multifamily/Commercial - $650/site

Regular Rates (March 17 through April 9, 2018)
          - Single Family - $550/site
          - Multifamily/Commercial - $700/site

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